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Privacy Policy

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The Bigwigs who make important decisions have told us all to update Privacy Policy’s so here it is!

Who Is Whitrigg Photography

I am Whitrigg Photography aka Sadie 🙂

I like to drink tea and wine, not together, and I love taking photos of you and your family. Taking photos of you means I am capturing your beauty and personality which in the cold hard world of business means data!

I am a photographer, not a spy, not a big corporate business that is going to follow up with a million marketing emails, I don’t have time for all that, not when there is tea and wine to drink!

Why do you need my Data?

I do get your details to deliver my services and products, from arranging the shoot, contacting you about the shoot, delivering your finished gallery by email and also delivering your photography products by post, and quite often I will drop them off myself.

I need this data to deliver my services or I will be wandering around with your photos trying to find your house or even worse I might not show up when you want a photoshoot!

I collect this information by asking you nicely, and you being the nice person will give it to me as you know I need to for you to get the best service my website also collects data on you such as which pages you like and which you don’t – I don’t actually know this is you but it lets me know how people use the site so I can make it better.

I use third party systems for my website and image galleries they are GDPR compliant and do not share any information, my website is encrypted and always updated to the latest security updates. I also collect some information on you in the form of cookies, this is anonymised and I have no access to this information but the yummy cookies remember you. They remember what you like so if I do any marketing the marketing is tailored for you, I don’t know any of this specific information because if you give me a cookie I will eat it.

After the photoshoot and photos have been delivered I may contact you to ask for a review, you don’t have to review me but I sometimes ask, I also may send you information about an upcoming photoshoot I think you might be interested in, this is called legitimate interest but if you aren’t interested I will have an unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email. Sometimes when people unsubscribe I cry a little because it makes me feel unloved, but that’s my issue not yours and I will just speak to my therapist about it and not mention any names because I respect your privacy and rights to unsubscribe.

Why is this important?

You are probably sick of GDPR, but really it is all to keep you safe and as a professionally insured, SWPP member, first aid qualified, DBS checked photographer safety and protecting my clients is my priority and that includes data about who you are, your email, your address and lovely pictures of you looking fantastic!

Will Whitrigg Photography share Data?

Sharing Data and pictures, I will not pass your details to 3rd party providers for marketing purposes, no way, that just isn’t to happen!

I will use 3rd party software to manage your data (such as MailChimp and Gmail) but they are all GDPR compliant and secure, and to not use them would mean writing them on pieces of paper and potentially losing them so it was the best solution all around.

I will always ask permission before sharing photos on social media, or on my website, if you do not want them shared or public I just won’t do it, you have paid for them and its no biggie. I will get permission in the form of a model release which will include options on how you want the pictures to be shared contextually.

What Data does Whitrigg Photography keep?

I keep all your images on an external hard drive, this is so if anything happens to your copies I can give you them again, a bit of an insurance policy on my part. If you want me to get rid of them I can, you can also ask me not to get in touch at any time, I’d rather you did this than ghost me 🙂 and if you are unsure of what I have please ask, I’ll happily tell you all the data I have, which generally isn’t much, I’m not really a nosey person and don’t have time to stalk anyone.

I will update this privacy policy from time to time, the last time it was updated was May 2018.