Golden Hour Photoshoot at the beach, family photography on location

Golden Hour at the Beach…

Beach photoshoot

I love family photography and meeting new clients, this summer I offered some exclusive golden hour shoots at the beach, in Knutsford I am an hours drive from the nearest beach so we arranged a few mini shoots by the sea to capture the amazing scenery and light.

My mini shoots are not the same as my Christmas mini’s where I do lots in one day, these particular minis are themes, such as golden hour minis, beach minis, unicorn minis etc, but instead of rushing through them I take time over your editing so although the sessions are only half an hour, the editing is the same standard as my normal family or portrait photoshoots.

Less time doesn’t mean less quality.

The beach shoots were my favourites, I have always loved the sea and sand and I find the beaches on the west coast of the UK incredible, with a mix of rocks, sand, sea and grass, plus some are part of unique seaside towns.

For this one we went to the Anthony Gormley statues near Crosby. This was the first time I’d seen these sculptures and I loved that art was included as I created my own art.

Beach photoshoot Beach photoshoot Beach photoshoot Beach photoshoot Beach photoshoot Beach photoshoot Beach photoshoot

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