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Harry Potter Photoshoot for Cheshire Wizards

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This Halloween I have had lots of fun doing fine art photography and of course, I had lots of volunteers to try out these character photoshoots.

Kids have an amazing imagination, as a Cheshire photographer I love being able to help encourage their imagination, we did hat with this Harry Potter Photoshoot.

Normally I do character sessions in the studio, however, this time we went on location to Knutsford, Knutsford and Cheshire has lots of beautiful woods that we can use and I have been using for my family photography recently.

We dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter and thought about the shots we wanted in advance, this way it was quick and easy to get the poses and direct the model. Knowing how the digital art posters would turn out in advance made the shoot go much faster and easier.


We are all big Harry Potter fans so I can’t wait to do this again in the new year when I have more Harry Potter fans booked in, I love the way that my photography and art can help kids get even more enthusiastic about their favourite books and really become the heroes¬†they admire so much.


These are great gifts for children and I have a canvas option or poster option to purchase these prints as well as getting the digitals.


harry potter photoshoot cheshire harry potter photoshoot cheshire harry potter photoshoot cheshire

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