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Game of Thrones Photoshoot

Whitrigg got Game of Thrones photoshoot

The long awaited series 7 of Game of Thrones is days away, and to celebrate me and my 2 favourite little models decided to do a Game of Thrones photoshoot.

I often do digital art for people, we look at the scene they want to be in (or their child) and we create a story from it, whether it is being a Princess in their own fairytale, or being a superhero flying through the sky. Now obviously my kids have never seen Game of Thrones but they have heard of it, and the idea of a King of the North who has a wolf is very exciting to my animal loving son, and what girl wouldn’t want an upgrade from Princess to Khaleesi and ride a dragon?

Game of Thrones Photoshoot

So I set about a Game of Thrones Photoshoot, now being a big kid myself I thought I would join in as well :).

Looking at Game of Thrones promotional images the style was very easy to replicate in my own way, I used layers upon layers of colours, smoke, and dust images and created a digital version of the throne in photoshop. This took hours of work but the background preserved in layers meant it could be adapted quickly and re used. As mentioned this is a personal project that I did for fun.

The outfits I chose for my ‘Jon Snow’ son was a Knights outfit from Amazon with a fake fur cape, I had to edit this in photoshop to add the red Targaryen Dragon and make black in keeping with Jon Snows own clothing. He had a sword that he held but I photoshopped this to look more like Jon Snows Valyrean Steel sword with the wolf head. My daughter is a typical khaleesi, chose her own outfit which was the Belle outfit from Beauty and the Beast so I had to edit this in photoshop to match the colour of Daenery’s dress.

I got a cosplay outfit from Amazon for myself and wig, so I had a lot less editing to do on myself :).

As the Game of Thrones Photoshoot was planned out it was very quick to do, one image was on location in a forest and the rest in my mini studio.

Take a look at a few of the images below and let me know who you think should sit on the Iron throne?

Khaleesi kids photoshoot King of the North GoT Jon snow and ghost photoshoot

khaleesi dragon photoshoot

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