What To Expect When You Are Expecting - Newborn Photography Cheshire

What To Expect When You Are Expecting – Newborn Photography

newborn photography what to expect

What to expect from a newborn photo shoot… well firstly you should always book in with your newborn photographer while you are still expecting, the sooner the better to guarantee a photo shoot while you newborn is still a newborn.

To get the best results from newborn photography, you should book in early to make sure your photographer can fit you in, in the first 14 days, the earlier the better as this is when your newborn baby is still sleepy and has that curled up newborn look.

newborn photography what to expect

Newborn Photography

I like to book out a few slots for newborns as they have their own schedule and will arrive when they want! So over around 4 weeks, I am on standby to get you in for your newborn in those first 14 days when they are so sleepy and still a little curled up. This way they are easier to pose for those really sweet images.

I tend to do the sibling shots first as they need some bribery and then can eat and play without any issues over getting dirty 🙂 However, it is always baby and child led so as long as they are happy we will do as much as we can.

As it is baby and child led I cannot guarantee particular shots, some babies don’t like being on their tummy so that limits those shots, however, we can always get lovely shots.

I often include composites for newborn shoots, these are using photoshop to give a more impactful image of your baby and depending on the positions of your baby we can create some very interesting final images; if this is what you are looking for.

newborn photography what to expectnewborn photography what to expectnewborn photography what to expectnewborn photography what to expectnewborn photography what to expectnewborn photography what to expect

As newborn shoots are baby led they can take some time, this allows for lots of feeds and sleeps and comforting to ensure you baby is always safe and happy.

The package is detailed on my photography prices page and includes a USB of edited images and 2 prints (8 x 10 inches). The USB is provided with full resolution print quality images for you to print yourself, and also web versions that can be sent to friends and family or shared on social media.

I provide most of the props but if you have anything of sentimental value I do like to include this as well.

newborn photography what to expect

You can find some examples of my work on my website portfolio, or my facebook page.

If for any reason we cannot fit them in during the first 2 weeks we can still do lovely shoots when they are a bit more alert, the below images were when a little girl was 7 weeks old, some people prefer the more bright-eyed looks as well. As a mum myself I understand sometimes life gets in the way and when you have just had a new baby you need to take care of yourself and your baby first.


7 week old baby photos

guide to a newborn session

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