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Newborn Photography – Preemie Baby boy

I love newborn photography because not only do I get those lovely baby snuggles, but I get to be part of a family’s journey from the very beginning! This weekend I was lucky enough to have a long term client come back and introduce me to their new baby boy!

Born 7 weeks before his due date he was fantastic, Mummy did a great job growing him as he was over 5lbs even that early and a good size when I got my newborn cuddles. It has been very hot recently (very un British) which meant my home studio needed no extra heating, in fact we added ventilation to keep the temperature regulated as we didn’t want him over heating.

I also got his 2 big sisters in for their sibling shots and a full family shot of the very happy family.

Newborn photography with siblings

As a local photographer, I love the fact that I see my clients a lot so it is special when I get to know them and they come back to me for special events. As he is the first boy we opted for a few blue props, which also complimented the yellow flower that his Mummy always brings to special photography sessions to remember her angel girl.

baby boy newborn photography blue props

Adding sentimental objects to a newborn photoshoot makes the photoshoot more unique and special, many of my clients bring things like photos, special toys, heirlooms, jewellery, all of which can be included in the newborn photoshoot. I loved that we used a sunflower for this!

baby boy newborn photography blue props

I have a wide range of props to choose from in all sorts of colours, and if the colour isn’t perfect we can adjust in editing to make sure your perfect new baby gets perfect photos.

This little boy was a preemie and he still had stickers on from his time in NICU/SBU, we discussed photoshopping them out but they are part of his very special and unique story so we decided to leave them in and do a combination of shots where they weren’t visible and some when they were.
Premature baby boy newborn photography

My absolute favourite pic is when he is reaching out holding the flower smiling, the flower representing his sister who got her angel wings makes it such a touching and special image.

newborn photography with sunflower

This photoshoot is very special to me as I have watched the family grow and I really appreciate the opportunity to be part of a family’s story and journey.
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