Top 10 Tips for Smartphone Photography - Take Photos with Your Phone

Top 10 Tips For Smartphone Photography

smartphone photography -the best camera is the one in your hand

Professional photography is fantastic for capturing moments and getting the best from you and your family but we can’t all have a professional photographer following us around (unless you are a celebrity) however almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera. Moments pass every day that could be captured, get confident with smartphone photography and never miss a moment again.

More and more people are buying digital cameras but if you don’t know what you are doing you are almost better off with your smartphone. New smartphones have a much better resolution than ever before and the lenses are much better than some old handheld cameras. You can change settings and set timers but most importantly you always have it with you so can capture those most precious moments with your family.

How To Take Great Photos With Your Phone

Keep your lens clean

Professional Photographers spend a lot of time cleaning their lenses, and yes some professional lenses may cost a lot more than the whole smartphone but you still need to keep the camera lens clean.

Of course this is more difficult as phones don’t have lens caps and as you take them everywhere with you they are more likely to pick up dirt and grime. A speck of dirt or grease on the lens will mean you will not get a very good image, especially as a smartphone lens is relatively small. A quick wipe of the lens before taking a photograph can make all the difference and you can easily get a sharp crisp image that is good enough to print.

Use Reflections

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Reflections are an easy trick for a great image; mirrors, glass and water are your friend, learn to use them in your photos and before you know it you will be spotting them everywhere.

Play with perspectives and angles

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Look up, look down, look all around…

Take your phone and play around with angles and perspectives, an unexpected angle makes an image unique and more memorable.

Find Natural lines and symmetry

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Lines and symmetry are all around, you just need to spot them, seek them out…

Play with negative space

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Negative space is a great tool, are you taking a photo of a person or object? Can you move your camera to the left, right, up or down to create negative space? If so try it, it enhance the impact of the subject and create a visually stunning image.

Remember the rule of thirds

When taking a photo with your phone there are general composition rules to guarantee a great shot, these are some of the basics of photography but following them is easy and will turn your good photograph into a great photograph.

The rule of thirds applies by splitting your frame into a grid, by placing your subjects within these points the photo composition becomes more balanced and the users eye naturally follows the flow of the grid. The easiest way to do this is by adding a grid to your phone but as you get more practised you will spot compositions second nature.

To turn on the 3 x 3 grid;
Samsung Galaxy- Launch the camera app, go to “Settings,” scroll down and switch the “grid lines” option to “on”
iPhone- Go to “Settings,” choose “Photos & Camera,” and switch “Grid” on

Search for good light

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Photography is about finding good lighting, shadows and interesting uses of light, when you have your phone with you at all time you never need to miss a situation where there is interesting lighting.

Don’t zoom in

When something is far way it can be tempting to zoom in, however a smart phone camera cannot cope with this well so just move closer to your subject if possible. This way you will avoid grainy low quality images.

Use Natural Light

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Try to avoid using your flash, the best option for smartphone photography is natural light, you can adjust on most phones while you take the photo and certainly in editing afterwards.

Bonus Tip: Remember even the Ordinary can be Extraordinary

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Every moment is a work of art, every dull moment can have a beautiful subject, capture it all and enjoy!


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