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Family Photography Knutsford

Family photography is the most precious gift you can give yourselves or a friend. Capture those precious moments of your family as they grow and change, I offer candid, photography on location around Knutsford, Wilmslow, Mobberley, Alderley Edge, or at a venue of your choice in Cheshire, you also have the option of mini shoots in my home studio in Knutsford where I photograph up to 5 people.

Outdoor Family Photography

When photographing a family on location I usually let you lead, so I will take candid photographs of you as you enjoy a nice family walk and when I see an opportunity for a group shot or a portrait I will just get your attention and set up the shot. I find this is much better than bossing people around as you are more relaxed and we actually get to have some fun. I try to bring an element of creativity into my shoots, I like to get shots that stand out from other photographers work, photographs you will be proud to display but also making sure you are the star. When you look back at your photos from my photoshoots I want you to be proud of them but also clearly see your family as they were at the time. I will limit photography that doesn’t show your faces and although the beautiful scenes of Cheshire look amazing I will avoid images where you are unrecognisable in the distance.

Family photography is real, it is the joy and tears, it is the laughter and tantrums, I try to take photographs that are as flattering as possible and will edit out any blemishes such as snotty noses and little bumps unless you specifically want them left in as a memory.

I try to capture the relationship between a family as well as the very best portraits of you, this way you have a mix of memories and portraits you are proud of.

When working with children, they don’t want to be told what to do, they want to explore and have fun, they want to play and joke, so that is exactly what we do! This way I get natural smiles from your children instead of forced or posed smiles.

Family Photography Cheshire

We are very lucky that Family Photography in Cheshire, means we are spoilt for choice on beautiful locations from Knutsford, Mobberley, Wilmslow and even Alderley Edge. There are so many different places to choose from.

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