Headshot Photography, Actors headshots & School portraits Cheshire

Headshot Photography in Studio

Whether you are a budding actor or model or just want some updated portraits to replace the school photos I can help.

My home studio is set up with the best lighting equipment and props for natural headshot photography.

Actors Headshots

Actors need to get headshots at least once a year, sometimes every 6 months if you have a child actor. Casting directors want to see the most recent headshot, hairstyles and look so they can make an informed decision as to whether you are invited to self tape or a casting.

Actors’ headshots should be simple, girls with long hair should show a variety of looks but avoid distracting hats or hairpieces. Avoided branded clothing for your headshots but sometimes you can get a smart and casual look with a change of clothes.

Showing a variety of emotions on your headshots will help a casting director get a good idea of your look.

For headshot Photography, I will take a number of images and upload them to a gallery, at this point you can choose your favourite for some retouching. Retouching is set to a minimum to be a good representation of yourself, however, things like smoothing the background, removing spots is all included.

You won’t need a lot of headshots, usually just a few to send to your agent and 4 or 5 to update your spotlight profile.

School Portraits

Sometimes School Portraits are not as you expect and can be dissapointing. School photographers have a pretty tough job getting the shot, they don’t have the time to get to know your child and get that important connection needed for a really great photo.

Many school photographers are great but not having that time can really affect the finished result.

If you want to get school photos re taken in a stress free environment, my portrait sessions are ideal for this. It can even be coupled up with a short family session.

These are great for Christmas gifts or even as a way to document your childs journey through school.

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