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Whitrigg Photography - aka Sadie

Once upon a time there was a little girl that wanted to be an artist.
That little girl grew up to become a Marketing Director but she always wanted to do something more creative. She worked with huge brands and got to have lots of fun, but she always wanted to do more.
That little girl was me, and when I had my own children I started to have more fun with photography and photoshop and made magic.

Your Only Limit Is

Your Imagination

I am still a director of an agency and still do brand and editorial work but now I work with the most important clients, children.

I get to create photos by seeing the world through their eyes.

By taking my editorial vision and applying to family photoshoots we get to create magic and I absolutely love it!

Love Notes From My Clients
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We had a lovely spring shoot done during a really difficult time for our family. I wanted to capture my daughter's spirit as well as our bond as a family and Sadie did an amazing job. My husband doesn't enjoy having his picture taken, but he was relaxed and comfortable and both my daughter and son loved being in front of Sadie's camera!
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sadie to anyone, and am really looking forward to another shoot next year

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“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.”

— Sally Mann